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  • Model No.:FPC-FSM
  • Made in:Taiwan, ROC
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Key Features


1. Whether you need a wall mounted, ceiling mounted, high ceiling motorized advantage, we can meet your different environment requirement.
2. You can specify the kind of high-gain screen surface material and we can offer great visual spatial effects for excellent and lively presentation images.
3. Human-based operation mechanism with low noise technology and efficiency for high quality life enjoyment.
4. Can be used for classrooms, conference rooms or exhibition halls.
5. Weather and water-resistant screen technology that is virtually unaffected by UV radiation, rain, snow, sun and high and low temperature impact. 
   Screen Surface material is mildew resist and can be cleaned.
6. Can be wireless or wired control options.

Product specifications:
Screen size   Projection Area (mm) Carton(M) NW/GW(KG)
70"*70"           1720x1780       0.14*0.16*2.12 11.0/12.0
84"*84"           2070x2130       0.14*0.16*2.50 12.0/13.0
96"*96"           2380x2440       0.14*0.16*2.80 13.0/14.5
100"(4:3)   1970x1480       0.14*0.16*2.40 11.5/12.5
120"(4:3)   2360x1770       0.14*0.16*2.80 11.9/13.5
150"(4:3)   2950x2210       0.14*0.16*3.40 14.0/15.5
100"(16:9)   2110x1190       0.14*0.16*2.55 12.0/13.0
150"(16:9)   3220x1810       0.14*0.16*3.65 15.0/17.0

Main Export Market

Africa ,Asia ,Australasia ,Central America ,Europe ,Middle East ,North America ,South America